Groups Whining About 'Good Christian Belles' Could Use a Good Laugh

good christian belles ABCThe new ABC primetime series Good Christian Belles, or GCB -- based on the book Good Christian Bitches -- has only been on the air one week, and it's already got certain groups and advertisers all bent out of shape. One Million Moms (that same far right-wing group that hated on Ellen DeGeneres several weeks back) has lashed out at the series for "mocking Christianity repeatedly" and being an "anti-Christian program [that] blasphemes God, Jesus Christ, God's Church, and the Bible." Yow!

Then, Parents Television Council President Tim Winter declared that he isn't happy with the show, because it is "singling out the Christian faith and [ABC] would never consider titling a series, for example, Good Muslim Belles or Good Jewish Belles." (Err ... well, what about All-American Muslim on TLC?)

Now, Kraft Philadelphia has decided to pull all of their advertisements from the show. Ay yi yi!


Kraft's reasoning: They've "received a few complaints from consumers and their opinions about our advertising are important to us." Oookay. Way to wreck the party, guys!

First of all, I can't imagine in a million years that ABC -- owned by squeaky clean DISNEY, FYI -- would do anything "Christian-bashing," as the One Million Whiners Moms put it. Second, the show is simply satirizing a particular religious/cultural community. Because there's some truth behind the raunchiness, and that's what makes it funny. See, ha ha, you're supposed to LAUGH! There have been a bazillion TV shows and films that have done the same exact thing. But maybe it's just because they haven't been called Good Christian Bitches Belles that they haven't been targeted.

Seriously, do these people tweaking out and getting all up in arms over a TV show have nothing better to focus their energies on? GCB seems like it's going to be entertainment that's good fun and sometimes a little dirty (in an amazing way). Everyone worried that it's bigger, more powerful, and more threatening than just that needs to chill out and lighten up!

Are you offended by GCB?


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