Step Into Kim Kardashian's Rainbow Shoe Closet & Get Inspired

kim kardashian shoesKim Kardashian is not the first person I'd go to for home decor inspiration, but maybe she should be. Have you seen her shoe closet? Oh the sweet rainbow of orderly hues! Girlfriend's got all 18 bajillion of her shoes neatly arranged by color. This photo is just one of three pretty, pretty shoe closet pictures she posted via Instagram.

Inspiring, no? Not that I have as many shoes as that. It takes exactly 30 seconds for me to arrange the three burlap-and-rope bundles I wear as shoes (just kidding, sort of). But as a home design motif, the rainbow is the way to go.




kim kardashian shoes

But first, tra-la-la! Want to see Kim K. nude? Check out her nude shoes. Heh heh. I think she still needs a couple more, what do you say?

Now where was I?




Oh yes, organizing by color. I love this idea so much, I decided to try it out in my own home. All of the shirts in my not-walk-in closet are arranged by color. Not that you can tell, since I don't have shirts in every color. But there's the suggestion or rainbow-ness there, trust me. And it actually does make my closet look neater and fresher! I'm more inspired when I see everything arranged by color that way.

MY books, not Kim's
I may not collect shoes, but I DO collect books. So I tried the rainbow trick with my bookshelves. I know most people prefer to arrange their books by author or title, but I love the way the rainbow of book spines looks. What's more, I tend to remember my books by color anyway, so it's still pretty easy to find what I'm looking for. Not a bad start! What else could I arrange by color?



Have you ever tried arranging things in your home by color?


Images via KimKardashian/Instagram, Adriana Velez

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