Brave Brazilian Model Copies Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

kate middletonQuick, if you had to think of the most memorable celebrity wedding dress in recent years, whose dress would you think of? If I were a betting woman, and sometimes I am, I'd say you're thinking Kate Middleton. Am I right? Well, regardless of whether I am or not, I know you'd be able to recognize that dress if you saw it. Hell, at this point, you'd probably be able to design the thing.

So, why oh why would anyone want to get married in pretty much an exact replica of one of the most famous dresses in the world? Especially when they're a beautiful trend-setting model who would look good in a Snuggie?


Brazilian beauty Caroline Trentini wed her adorable photographer boyfriend, Fabio Bartelt, over the weekend, and the dress -- well, the dress was basically Kate Middleton's. The sweetheart neckline, the sheer sleeves and plunging v-neck, the simple bottom. It was like we were watching Royal Wedding 2: Where Did All the Hats Go? The dress was still lovely, but it was Duchess Catherine through and through.

In Trentini's defense, she's really not to blame. I mean, she saw a dress -- a pretty dress -- and wanted it. (Conversely, I wouldn't want to wear this dress after Kate Middleton wore it -- even if I were a model. Lil' hard to top.) The thing I'm most surprised at is that this gown exists at all. And it's by a legit designer -- Olivier Theyskens. To see this dress and not think of Sarah Burton's creation for Catherine is crazy. They almost look identical.

As far as brides go, though, to each their own. If they want to look like a real-life princess on their wedding day (or a Disney one), have at it. As for me, I think I'd want to go in another (non-royal) direction.

Would you want to wear Kate Middleton's dress on your wedding day or would you rather something original?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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