Finchel Spoilers Make Waiting for 'Glee' Less Painful

Just checked my calender: there are still over four weeks until the big return of Glee on FOX. Long sigh. Since the big winter finale cliffhanger, I've resorted to being a spoiler hog just hoping to catch a hint at what's going to happen once April 10 hits.

Lucky for you, I've dug up some serious dirt. We've all been wondering: Are Rachel and Finn still going to get married? And what's the deal with Quinn post-accident?

Well, your new BFFL has got the scoop. Ready, set, GO:


Quinn's ALIVE!: A few weeks ago, we saw photo evidence that made it look like Quinn survived the mortifying car accident in the winter finale. Whether or not she's stuck in that wheelchair, I'm just uber happy that her character's coming back for more. Especially since Dianna Agron is probably my fave actress on the show.

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A serious hottie is confirmed to play Darren Criss' older brother: I haven't heard of White Collar star Matt Bomer until now, but MAN is he GORGEOUS. Seriously, his eyes make me melt! Bomer will be making his debut in episode 15 of this season, "Big Brother."

SO many good songs to come: Between Santana singing Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" and the entire Glee crew singing George Michael's "Faith," it seems to me like there's a whole lot of jammin' to look forward to in the coming months. 

The fate of Finchel: Seems like Finn was spotted on set without his "engagement ring." Who knows if he was in between takes -- but it could mean they called the whole thing off. Something tells me, though, that that's not going to happen. It seemed like the twosome were really sold on the whole getting hitched thing.

The new "hot" gay character won't break up Blaine & Kurt: Yeah, seems that the hype over the call for a new actor to play a handsome looking gay man isn't all that we thought it would be cracked up to be. Apparently, he'll only be in one scene. Eh, it was fun to play around with all the possibilities!

Are you looking forward to Glee's big return in April?


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