Will Don & Peggy Sleep Together in 'Mad Men' Season 5? (VIDEO)

Peggy and Don on Mad MenIt's practically a matter of days until you can dust off that martini shaker and raise a toast to the return of Mad Men on AMC. The season five premiere airs March 25, and I for one couldn't be more psyched. I swear, I keep looking at the calendar in anticipation of heading back to the '60s with Don Draper, Peggy Olson, and the gang.

But, in the meantime, it doesn't hurt to get some perspective on season four. Don Draper -- I mean, Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss sat down with Vulture.com and addressed one of the big questions MM fans have been asking for a while now: Are their characters going to get it on??


After all, Don makes it his mission to pretty much bed everyone wearing a skirt. Why should Peggy be any different? But it turns out, she is. When Vulture.com asked them, "What is it about Don and Peggy?" Jon responded, "I think Don and Peggy have a special relationship. They’re unsatisfied with who they are and are willing to do what it takes to become something else."

And that said, Elisabeth addressed fans' curiosity about the characters' chemistry ...

People are constantly asking if they’re gonna sleep together. I always get annoyed, because their relationship is more than that. And to keep that going over five years without selling out and having something else happen—that to me is really interesting and rarely done well.

Turns out Jon agrees, noting:

People want to put us in a 'Sam and Diane' box, but it's about their mutual appreciation for their work. That's where the material strikes its resonant chord, when it's ostensibly about one thing and then it becomes about so much more. That's the fun thing about Don and Peggy, and that's the deeper thing about Mad Men.

So with them on this! I know it's a guilty pleasure to watch Don work his sexy man magic on every female character, but leaving Peggy out of that equation -- because Don respects her and sees himself in her in many ways -- is illustrative of how the show is above and beyond 99 percent of the dumb and dumber dreck on TV today. The writers aren't patronizing us, you know? Like Elisabeth said, there's really so much more to Peggy and Don's relationship. It's sacred, something even they know not to mess with. And here's hoping that it stays that way into season five!

Check out this vid for even more on Jon Hamm ...


Would you want to see Peggy and Don hook up or would you prefer to see their relationship remain platonic?


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