Woman Vomits During 'The View' & ABC Airs It (VIDEO)

woman vomitting on the viewThe daytime talk show, The View, isn't for everybody. Some people delight in the program and all the witty banter that takes place between Joy Behar, Whoopie Goldberg, et. al., while others ... not so much. But still, even if you're a member of the latter camp, no need to go barfing your brains out on the set for God's sake.

I kid. Well, sort of. A woman did actually throw up during a taping of The View yesterday. But since she was a member of the audience, I'm going to say that it wasn't out of her disdain for the show. I'm going to say it's because she was sick. Unfortunately for her, though, Nathan Lane wouldn't stop talking about it, and the camera actually panned over to her mid-vomit and aired her barfing. On national television. Just what every nauseated person wants. Check out the video.


Poor lady. At least Joy and the rest of the women tried to brush past the incident, even telling her to leave. And lucky for her, her face wasn't shown, just the plastic bag she was upchucking into. I mean, seriously, does anybody need the world -- and Nathan Lane -- knowing they're sick? It's embarrassing enough when it happens in a public place -- national television (and a public discourse about it) takes things to a whole new level of mortification.

Hopefully, she's better today and resting fitfully. And let this be a lesson to all: If you're feeling a little queasy, maybe ixnay being a studio audience member at a live taping. (Or maybe just ixnay The View?)

Have you ever gotten sick in public?


Image via ABC

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