Jennifer Aniston's Latest 'Breakup' Sounds Like a Total Bummer

rachel and monica friendsThere are no celeb BFFs quite like Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. Maybe it's because they started out as on-screen besties on Friends or maybe it's because they've seen each other through thick and thin. But we're seriously fascinated by their A-list friendship, and thus, it seems like every few months, a story comes out threatening their seemingly unbreakable bond. Brace yourself, because here we go again ...

According to Grazia magazine, Jen has been blowing Courteney off repeatedly for boyfriend Justin Theroux. A source told the U.K. mag, "Jennifer's priorities have obviously changed since meeting Justin ... Courteney must feel that Jen has completely forgotten what it's like to be the single girl," and alludes that these two are again at risk of losing their friendship. Say it isn't so!


As much as I would like to blow this off as lame gossip that is just a cheap attempt to diminish an adult female friendship and turn it into Mean Girls, there is some evidence that they may be on the outs. At Jen's star unveiling at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Courteney was nowhere to be seen. That does seem kind of strange, because you would think your best friend would be there to support you and congratulate you on such a huge milestone as an actress. The other "proof," via Grazia, is that Court was upset last month because Jen cancelled a girls' night out at the last minute -- so she could spend the evening with Justin. Sure, it sounds like high school ridiculousness, but I know grown women who have done as much.

But, come on, Jen and Courteney are a Hollywood staple -- not just former Friends. Seeing them break up would be a real BUMMER. Hopefully, all these rumors are silly nonsense. But if there is even a grain of truth to them, let's hope Jen sees the light. Because it's never okay to repeatedly blow off your bestie for your beloved! Not to mention when that bestie has been there through Brad and John Mayer and box office flops galore. No, you just don't walk away. You say "I'll be there for you," and that's that.

Do you believe that Jen's blowing off Courteney or is this just one of those silly rumors that always resurfaces?


Image via NBC

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