‘RHONY’ Are on Strike, So Yeah, We Have That Going for Us

ramona singerThe Real Housewives of New York are on strike. Kind of. The senior ladies in the group (I bet they loved being called that) are supposedly refusing to film scenes for their Bravo reality show because they're fed up with the filming delays. Mastermind Ramona Singer is the one organizing the boycott, calling for Countess LuAnn and Sonya to abstain from filming anything past the original end-date of production. The ladies are digging in their (high) heels, it would seem, and if you ask me, they're handling things all wrong.

Need I remind them that Bravo cleaned house on RHONY once before and are probably not afraid to do it again? Poor Ramona, Countess, and Sonya -- their egos are now more inflated than their collagen lips.


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With at least three brand new NY Housewives on the show, these vets are going to come across as bitter fifth-year seniors who should've graduated with the rest of the crew, but didn't. Their foot-stomping behavior and diva-like demands, no matter how "warranted" they may be, are not going to get them more air time (since they're, duh, not around for filming) nor win them any fans among Bravo execs.

So strike away, I say. I'm sure there would be a line around the block to take the spot of Countess, Ramona, and Sonya -- it's not like they're so irreplaceable. In fact, I wish they'd fired the whole lot back when they laid off Kelly, Alex, Cindy, and Jill. A fresh start would've been nice, especially in light of the remaining castmembers' recent "strike."

They're just embarrassing themselves. But, huh, I guess they're just doing what they do best, after all -- causing drama and unabashedly dragging their own names, images, and family through the reality TV show mud.

What do you think?


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