Backlash Against Kirk Cameron Shows We Give Has-Been 80s Stars Too Much Cred

Who would have ever guessed that in March of 2012, Kirk Cameron would suddenly become a hot topic again? I mean, a guy who was briefly popular for an 80's sitcom before pretty much disappearing into Hollywood obscurity while pursuing his evangelical calling randomly speaks out against gay marriage, and half the world sits up and takes notice?

Look, I certainly don't agree with the guy. In fact, I think he's a bit of a nutjob who's amusingly swayed by straw man arguments, among other things. But he's got the right to believe what he wants, and Piers Morgan can certainly use controversial opinions to drum up interest in his talk show if HE wants.

However, the thing I don't really understand about this whole KirkGate hubbub is why Hollywood is taking him seriously enough to speak out against him. It seems utterly bizarre that a has-been actor who hasn't been relevant for 20 years can galvanize so many stars to address what he had to say.


As you probably heard, Cameron appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight the other day to talk about his religious views, including his stance against gay marriage. He condemned homosexuality as "destructive to so many foundations of civilization," and went on to say that if his children ever came out, he would tell them that "Just because you feel one way doesn’t mean we should act on everything we feel.”

Obviously, GLAAD and the LBGT community has been super-pissed about this, but what's really been surprising to me is how many celebrities have
specifically responded to Cameron's remarks in recent days.

Here's a handful of the comments:

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson:

The only unnatural thing about me being gay is that I had a crush on Kirk Cameron until about 24 hours ago.

Tracy Gold:

I am a strong supporter of the LGBT community, and I believe in equal rights for all.

Alan Thicke:

I'll address Kirk's comments as soon as I recover from Rush Limbaugh's.

Martha Plimpton:

The word "equality" shows up too much in our founding documents for anyone to pretend it's not the American way.

Zach Braff:

If Kirk Cameron hates gay people, why was he best friends with Boner?

Craig Ferguson:

Rush makes me ashamed to be a middleaged white man and Kirk Cameron makes me ashamed to be a failed actor. We don't all think like that NoH8

To be clear, I don't think it's strange that celebrities would give their opinion on equal rights, I think it's strange that so many of them are bothering to acknowledge what KIRK CAMERON has to say. I mean, he doesn't represent Hollywood, for crying out loud. He's a hardcore born-again Christian who left mainstream film and television decades ago.

I can see why his costars might feel compelled to speak up in order to distance themselves, but as for why he's generated so much backlash from other actors, I honestly don't know why anyone would bother to give more weight to his words. Craig Ferguson wouldn't publicly address a random minister preaching hellfire in Podunk, Nowhere, right? DUDE IT'S THE SAME THING.

In fact, I think the best comment I've seen to date on the whole mess was from the comedian Dave Holmes:

Remember yesterday afternoon, when Kirk Cameron's views were none of our concern? Let's restore America to that golden age.

Amen, brother.

Are you surprised Kirk Cameron's comments have gotten so much attention?

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