Tina Fey Could Have Saved Lindsay Lohan on ‘SNL’ (VIDEO)

mean girlsOuch. Lindsay Lohan must have felt the sting when mentor Tina Fey skipped out on her SNL appearance. According to her rep, Fey was planning on being a part of Lohan's opening monologue but was forced to cancel at the last minute when her two children got sick. (According to another anonymous source, Fey actually turned down Lohan's personal invitation to the live show, but that's just a rumor.)

Either way, I can't help but wonder how much ... differently ... the evening might have turned out if Fey did show up.


It's like this: If there were two things missing from Lohan's SNL performance, they were 1. confidence and 2. direction.

Neither of which would have been lacking with Fey on the scene. Not only did she write the screenplay for the best movie Lohan ever made (Mean Girls, of course), Tina Fey played her teacher in the film. And it seems like life imitated art for awhile there -- Lohan's finest comedic moments have happened alongside Fey (even going back to previous SNL appearances). Check out this scene from Mean Girls:

There was so much potential, so much chemistry. I have a hard time believing Fey would've let Lohan get away with all that peeking at the cue cards nonsense and line-flubbing. Now that I think about it, maybe Lindsay Lohan should just move in with Tina Fey, 'cause she probably wouldn't let her get away with a lot of other stuff either.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan would have done a better job on SNL if Tina Fey was there?


Image via movieclips/YouTube

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