A Pregnant Snooki Will Make Better TV Than a Partying One (VIDEO)

snooki ringWell it's still not officially official: Snooki is wearing what looks like an engagement ring and is pretty darn likely pregnant with Jionni's baby. But what would a pregnancy and engagement mean for her Jersey Shore spinoff with JWoww? They're moving into their new HQ, a former firehouse, as we speak. The show will go on, pregnancy or no pregnancy, no doubt about that. But what kind of a show will it be?

One thing is for sure -- I don't think we're up for the usual Jersey Shore antics this time around. Things are going to be different with Snooki and friends.


First of all, the pregnancy -- IF she's really pregnant: Wow would that change Snooki's daily routine! Goodbye wild times. No more parties, drinking, and smooshing with anyone but Jionni, right? At least we hope so. Even her most die-hard fans wouldn't want to see her endanger the health of her unborn child. 

I can just see Snooki staying at home with her pickles, swollen feet propped up in fuzzy slippers, while JWoww heads out for another night on the town. Sad Face! You know what? JWoww should just get pregnant, too!

And what about the engagement? Should Snooki even get married? Even if Snooki is engaged (and just hasn't told us yet), she can still change her mind! She could go back and forth -- I'm not ready, I'm still attracted to Vinny. Or she could go through with it and the show becomes all about wedding planning. Which would be crazy! Can you imagine what a Jersey Shore wedding would look like? Oh the meatballs. Not to mention, plan on at least one girlfight between Snooki and her best friend, suddenly feeling lost and ignored with all the wedding froof. And you know she'll hate her bridesmaid dress!

Oh please let it all be true! I don't know if I could handle the disappointment if it turns out no one is pregnant, Snooki isn't engaged, and we're just in for Sh'more of the same.




Do you think Snooki's spinoff would be better if she were pregnant?

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