Kris Humphries Is Just as Guilty as Kim Kardashian

kris humphriesSo, looks like I have some egg to clean up off of my face. See, yesterday, I wrote a post about how Kim Kardashian really oughta give back all the wedding gifts she received (which she should). And in that post, I (sort of) praised Kris Humphries for feeling the same way. I've read many a blog post explaining how he's "furious" with Kim for keeping all the presents, and how he wants her to return them to their rightful owners, etc. etc. But. But ...

Now a new report is surfacing that claims that Kim's BFF, Jonathan Cheban, gave Humphries a $5,000 gift card to Yves Saint Lauren as a wedding gift -- and, yep dude's yet to return it


There's a twist to this story, though. According to TMZ, Cheban was totally cool with letting Humphries keep the gift card after the couple broke up. But when he found out that Kris was publicly criticizing Kim for not returning everything, he demanded that he return it. Cheban said that as long as Kris has the YSL card, he shouldn't be judging, adding, "Kim did the HONORABLE thing."

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Now, on one hand, I kind of see things from Kris' side -- Kim was the one who filed for divorce; she's the one who's keeping ALL the gifts. But at the same time, Kris really has no place to publicly chastise her when he's in fact guilty of a similar crime. If he returned the gift card (or the cash), chastise away. But until he does, he should keep his yapper shut. Ya heard?

Do you think Kris is in any position to criticize Kim?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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