Miley Cyrus Gives Khloe Kardashian Some Seriously Life-Changing Advice

miley cyrus puppyYou know what's pretty cool about having Miley Cyrus as one of your best buds? As Khloe Kardashian can tell you, Miles has the best ideas ever. Like, say you're trying to decide on the perfect birthday cake for a friend and you can't decide whether to go X-rated or stoner. Miley could help you figure that one out in no time (get both, obviously!).

Same with deciding on the perfect puppy! No, I don't mean whether to go X-rated or stoner -- I mean Miley can totally help you find the puppy of your dreams.

Seriously, the minute Khloe tweeted about her pup-related indecision, Miley was at her service.

Of course! I'm not sure how many puppies/dogs Cyrus has at this point, but I know they're all completely adorable.


The twitter back-and-forth was an all-out puppy love-fest ...


"I want a puppy.... I just don't know what kind I want.... Hummmmmmmm decisions decisions,"


"@KhloeKardashian ohhhh let me help you find a rescue."


"@MileyCyrus you have the cutest pups!!!! I trust your puppy judgment!"

I don't blame her, honestly -- Miley did get a ridiculously adorable pup, Ziggy, for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth's birthday (Khloe was reportedly head over heels for the little guy when she saw a pic). And it's awesome that Miley is all about the rescues.

Maybe she could even help Khloe pick out a name for the new addition. Wonder if it would have to start with a "K" ... hey, how 'bout Pretty Kool?

What kind of puppy do you think Khloe Kardashian should get?


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