Tracey Gold vs. Kirk Cameron: 'Growing Pains' Siblings Split Over Gay Rights

tracey goldTracey Gold isn't about to let Kirk Cameron have the last word about gay marriage and homosexuality. After the born-again sitcom star opined to Piers Morgan that he thought homosexuality was "unnatural ... detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization," his former Growing Pains TV sibling took to Twitter to let the world know that she does not agree with him. In addition to changing her profile picture to a shot of her participating in the “NO H8” campaign, Tracey tweeted:

“I am a strong supporter of the #LGBT Community, and I believe in equal rights for all. #NOH8 #LOVE.”

As much as it pains me to see two of my favorite TV stars from childhood in a potential cyber squabble, I've really got to side with Tracey on this one. She just might be the best person to put Kirk in his place.


As a die-hard Growing Pains fan (weren't we all?), I was saddened to hear Kirk's hateful comments from last week and realize that one of my childhood crushes held an opinion so opposite to my own. I'm glad that at least one member of the show (Tracey) stepped forward to offer the opposing viewpoint. It's likely she and Kirk have many of the same fans, and I admire her courage for giving voice to the other side of the issue.

Plus, Tracey's message might be heard a little louder than Kirk's. Back in the day, he was way more hunky and famous. But lately it's Tracey who's grabbing all the headlines for her work on Starving Secrets (a Lifetime documentary series about eating disorders) and Celebrity Wife Swap. What's Kirk doing besides pissing people off on Piers Morgan? I've got to think that these days she has a little more reach.

And, when it comes to who I'd want to hear speak out about love and marriage, Tracey would make the list. As we saw on CWS, she's totally head-over-heels and crazy for her husband of 22 years. I think she has a pretty good idea of what she's talking about.

Do you think Tracey Gold had a good response to Kirk Cameron?

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