Christina Hendricks’ Naked Photos Heat Up the ‘Mad Men’ Anticipation (VIDEO)

Christina HendricksFor me to say that I'm excited for Mad Men to return in all of its mint julep drinking glory is an understatement. It's about damned time for us to catch up with Don Draper, Joan, and the crew. Today's big news? Mad Men fans may not have to wait until the season premiere March 25 to see more of Christina Hendricks, after all. Thanks to a talented hacker, Christina Hendricks' tatas are all over the Interwebs.

Photos of the 36-year-old popped up on a site called Motherless (you can see the naked photos here) this weekend. The CliffsNotes version: there are a few with her in T-shirts, some of her dolled up, and yup, one of "her" girls. Hellloooo Scarlett Johansson saga part deux.

Christina is denying the topless photo is actually of her. Hell, we've seen Christina Hendricks in all of her va-va-voom glory both on-screen in Mad Men and on the red carpet. I say a little nipple isn't changing the game. If anything, this just makes me more pumped for season 5 to begin!


You know what? I would even go as far as to say that Christina secretly feels the same way. Helloooooo, this photo leak gets her name everywhere, and people wanting to know what she's been in and where they can see her. Now, people who were otherwise not tuned into the Mad Men hype (to that, I say WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?) have a whole new reason to be intrigued.

I hope that these photos are a sneak peek of what's to come this season. Who doesn't love a little sexy time around the office? Could things be getting extra hot? Will we finally see Joan and Don cave into the piling amounts of sexual tension and hookup? I. Would. Die. Personally, I'd be more interested in seeing Joan and Roger get back together.

Learn more about the photo leak (which also included pictures of Olivia Munn, Sarah Silverman, January Jones, and Michelle Trachtenberg) here:


Do these new "hacked" photos even faze you? Are you pumped for Mad Men to return?

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