Pippa Middleton on Skis Will Inspire You to Run for the Hills

Pippa Middleton workout Holy. Superwoman. While most of us were sitting on the couch yesterday enjoying a quiet weekend day at home, Pippa Middleton was braving the elements. Yup, Prince William's sister-in-law casually completed a 56-mile (!!!) cross country skiing race on Sunday. The kicker? It took her less than 7 hours.

Wow. I'm in awe. Not just of that fantastic time (for you lazy types -- it's 7 minutes, 30 seconds/per mile -- WOW), but of how well rounded Pippa's exercise routine is. Didn't she JUST run, like, five road races, climb a bazillion stairs somewhere, and finish a triathlon? Yeah, I definitely think I heard about that. It's clear that Kate's sister knows the importance of mixing up your workout routine.

Talk about a fit icon!


Don't get me wrong, it's really great if you love running or are super into yoga. However, switching up your sweat routine will keep your muscles guessing and make it easier for you to both stay in shape and even drop pounds.

I know what you're thinking: You mean the exercises I always do for an hour every day aren't helping?! No, I didn't say that. However, if you keep the same exercise routine, your muscles get used to the same old thing. If you're really into one thing, like running, but you do it for the same amount of time and degree of difficulty every day, you're very likely to plateau. Mix things up by incorporating speed work into your usual gig, upping your pace, the type of terrain you're conquering, and your heart rate to keep your body guessing.

By changing things up, you'll also give your body some time to recover from the more intense workouts, and the best part -- avoid workout boredom. Something tells me that amidst all of Pippa's wacky different workouts (I wonder if she's tried hiking like Reese Witherspoon), she isn't exactly yawning with boredom. I say hey, if having that much fun sweating will make me look Pippatastic, I'm alllll for it.

What do you do for exercise?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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