5 Botched Celebrity Lip Jobs From La La Land (PHOTOS)

lisa rinnaIt used to be that if you wanted fuller lips, you got your brother to clock you on the playground, or took a tennis ball to the mouth during a match. But as science, technology, and vanity have progressed, more and more women have turned to fillers and implants to give their pouts the perfect amount of pucker. But one surgery isn't enough; many of them go back for more. And more. And more. Andmoreandmoreandmore. Why they have such a burning desire to look like ducks is beyond me, but these five celebs certainly have a need for exceed ... ingly large labium.

Take Lisa Rinna, if you will. Her lips have gotten so big that they have to file a separate tax return. That said, I'm intrigued by their texture. They look surprisingly soft for being so obviously synthetic. But she's one of the lucky ones.




taylor armstrongTaylor Armstrong of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills infamy, on the other hand, isn't so lucky. Her lips look rock solid. She's admitted to having an implant in her upper lip, and why she doesn't remove it is one of life's biggest mysteries.

nikki coxNot sure who Nikki Cox is? Me neither, but she's married to Jay Mohr and, unfortunately, has one of the worst lip jobs in Hollywood.

Victoria SilvstedtFormer Playboy bunny Victoria Silvstedt was such a natural beauty before she discovered collagen, and it's been a puffy, downward spiral ever since. She could rival Lisa Rinna for biggest lips on the planet.

janice dickinsonJanice Dickinson used to be a judge on America's Next Top Model, but with her questionable lip injections, I'm not really sure why anyone paid attention to her opinion.

Here's hoping these beauties have a collagen-free 2012.

Have you ever considered or gotten lip fillers?


Photos via Pacific Coast News, Splash News, and Jason Merritt/Getty

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