Khloe Kardashian's Love for Lamar Odom Keeps His Career Afloat

khloe kardashian cheering on lamar odom
Khloe Kardashian cheers on Lamar at previous NBA game.
Say what you will about the Kardashians' tendency to spin even the worst news (cough Kim's 72-day marriage), but Khloe Kardashian's the one K sis who usually seems to play it straight -- especially when it comes to her marriage and her NBA player hubby Lamar Odom's game. And it hasn't always been easy.

First, Khloe Kardashian had to pack up and move to Dallas when Lamar got traded to the Mavericks. Then, this past weekend, buzz abounded that Lamar was going to have to make another move ... to the NBA's Developmental League, the Texas Legends, to work on his fundamentals. Uh-oh ... Of course, fans are always super-quick to blame his involvement with the Kardashians via Khloe and their reality show, Khloe & Lamar. 

But I'm sure he wouldn't be doing nearly as well if it weren't for Khloe.


When his return to the Mavs was up in the air and Twitter was buzzing on the topic, Khloe was quick to come to her DH's defense. She tweeted, "1game&hes training as we speak" in response to a tweet suggesting Lamar would be playing "a couple Dleague games [to] help him get in shape!" and "Lamar will be with the mavs Sunday." She didn't lie! Lamar was back on the Mavs' court today, and Khloe was there, too, rooting for him in the bleachers.

You can tell from the photos of Khloe that she was a bit concerned about her husband's play, but he did just fine, according to Radar Online, which reports he made a "solid return" to the court, scoring nine points in 18 minutes of play. Not bad at all! 

Sure, being the reality star life probably distracts him from being "in the zone" with his game from time to time, but he did just fine when he was splitting his time between K&L and playing for the Lakers. Thus, it definitely doesn't make sense to blame Khloe and his entertainment career for his challenges on the court now. More likely, he's been struggling due to personal family issues, likely involving his dad. After all, it was back on February 20, he left the Mavs to attend to his ill father in L.A.

Now, thanks I'm sure in huge part to love and support from Khloe, I'll bet he's back in a big way. Hopefully this hushes the Khloe & Lamar haters for good.

Do you think his E! show and marriage into the Kardashian crew is distracting Lamar from his game?


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