Did Whitney Houston & Jermaine Jackson Have an Affair? Stunning Details Revealed! (VIDEO)

whitney houston in saving all my love for you
Whitney Houston in her 'Saving All My Love for You' video
Now that Whitney Houston is no longer with us, it's inevitable that we'll start hearing copious once-private details about her life. It's hard to say what's true and what's not, but the latest gossip about her love life doesn't seem all that hard to believe. It's also pretty intriguing.

According to U.K. tabloid The Sun, Michael Jackson's brother, Jermaine Jackson was beyond devastated when he learned of Whitney's passing, and it's not just because they were friendly colleagues over the years. Instead, sources say they had some pretty heavy history between them. Whitney and Jermaine allegedly carried on a secret love affair for about a year in 1984.


Reportedly, Jermaine was brought in to produce Whitney and do a duet with her in the early '80s. At the time, Jermaine was married to his first wife, Hazel Gordy (daughter of legendary producer Berry Gordy). Sources claim that Whitney and Jermaine ended their romance when he refused to leave Hazel.

Remember Whitney's 1985 music video for "Saving All My Love for You"? The plotline and Jermaine lookalike Whitney cast as the object of her affection appear to speak volumes about these claims. Check it out:

And there are other signs that the relationship was real. For instance, Jermaine alluded to it in his memoir You are Not Alone: Michael, Through A Brother's Eyes, revealing:

With each session that intense professional chemistry crossed over. These were turning into duets between temptation and forbidden love, and the studio sessions gave us what felt like stolen time together.

But he also made it seem like they never did anything about their emotions, writing:

Whitney and I spoke about our shared predicament. As much as I wanted to lose myself in all these feelings, I told her to wait. I spoke of 'one day' and 'maybe.' Ultimately, we had to go our separate ways, and it killed us both.

Nonetheless, a friend reveals that Jermaine was trying to protect Whitney while she was still alive, and in actuality, "they were lovers." And although their romance was fleeting, the two carried on a friendship for many years following.

Of course, this is all water under the bridge -- hearing about the alleged affair now doesn't really change how we'll remember Whitney. But it does make me sad to think she struggled with unrequited love. It also raises a few "What if?"s. What if Jermaine had left Hazel for Whitney, and they had gone on to marry? What if Bobby Brown had never been in her life -- would she have ever struggled with drug use? Met the same untimely end?

It's impossible to say, and it feels unproductive to even wonder. But this news sure does add even more fuel to her already fiery legend.

What do you think about this alleged affair?


Image via Whitney Houston VEVO

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