Lindsay Lohan on 'SNL' Was Set Up to Fail (VIDEOS)

Lindsay Lohan SNL March 3, 2012
Lindsay Lohan does her opening monologue on SNL.
Well, Lindsay Lohan did it, folks! Last night, she managed to pull herself together enough to host Saturday Night Live for the first time since 2006. The reviews are in, and so far, everyone's kinda impressed ... you know, that it wasn't a total disaster, and that LiLo didn't fall flat on her filler-laden face. 

Although we didn't get the musical opening monologue she had been promising (what happened there, I wonder?), her overall performance was certainly passable, perhaps even laudable, given the path she's been on since the last time she took the stage. But did the showing help the actress rebuild a rock solid foundation for a new stab at her career? Ehhh, probably not. But it wasn't her fault. She clearly never had a fighting chance.


See, as the cast teased in the opening monologue that they didn't trust her to fulfill her hosting duties, the reality of the matter wasn't far from the joke. Over the course of the show, it truly appeared that Lorne Michaels and the writers did not trust her. They put her in the background of most of the sketches she appeared in, and thus, she really had zero chance of shining in any meaningful way.

What's more, the writing of said sketches was borderline abysmal. I know it's pretty much the most stereotypical gripe out of a TV viewer's mouth to say that SNL isn't what it used to be, and in fact, it's so bad it's unwatchable. But that's because it's true!! At least it was true last night, because, err, when you're watching a comedy show, you should probably find yourself laughing out loud? Not just smirking and definitely not rolling your eyes.

But with that being the case, how could we possibly expect SNL to be a viable catalyst for helping LiLo appear capable again? Not only were our expectations too high for her, but they were too high for the show itself.

If you missed the show, here's a taste of the decent, the bad, and the downright cringe-worthy. 

The decent: A sketch on the Real Housewives of Disney was by my far my favorite, and the most amusing, but again, it's not like the script lent itself to giving LiLo the opportunity to impress us. They didn't even make her one of the more widely known princesses!



The bad: The opening monologue, filled with nods to ankle bracelets and drug possession, was all about how SNL didn't trust Lindsay. While it was reassuring to see the host can laugh at herself, no one else was really laughing.



The downright cringe-worthy: Again, in "Scared Straight," Lindsay played herself and made fun of her personal history with quips about "rehab in Malibu," but the whole sketch dissolved into a run-on, unfunny joke about prison sex. Ugh.


Did you watch Lindsay Lohan on SNL last night? What did you think of her performance and the show?

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