Kirk Cameron Is Even More Self-Righteous and Bigoted Than We Thought (VIDEO)

kirk cameronColor me disgusted. I thought I lost all respect for Kirk Cameron back when the newly born-again sitcom star had a big moral hissy fit about his co-star Julie McCullough's past as a Playboy centerfold and got her fired from Growing Pains. But after the incredibly offensive, self-righteous comments Cameron made to Piers Morgan last night, I somehow lost even more respect for him. His respect account is overdrawn, let's put it that way.

Look, it's not like I was surprised to hear the former Mike Seaver say he doesn't support gay marriage. Not after the whole Playboy thing. But what he said about homosexuality in general was shockingly intolerant, even for him. Cameron told Morgan:

"I think that it's ... unnatural. I think that it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

Yeah. He really said that. Out loud and everything.


Honestly, there are so many things wrong with Cameron's statement I don't even know where to start. Like, I'm starting to wonder if maybe there was some sort of accident at some point, like a serious head trauma kind of thing, that made him go completely frickin' insane. Tell you the truth, I almost hope that's the case, because if he's not brain damaged, then there's no excuse.

The folks at GLAAD were predictably horrified by Cameron's words (they said he "sounds even more dated than his 1980's TV character," HA!) and plan on making sure the news/entertainment industries are made very aware of his homophobic views.

With any luck, their efforts will completely destroy the pathetic remains of Cameron's once-booming career.

After watching this clip, how do you feel about Kirk Cameron?

Image via CNN

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