Lindsay Lohan on 'SNL' Is Starting to Reek of Desperation (VIDEO)

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan is now only 30-something hours away from hosting Saturday Night Live, and if her face wasn't frozen solid with all the fillers, I'm sure her visage would reveal a glimmer of nervous energy mixed in with sheer terror. The promos were decent and made her look all confident and actually quite funny, but don't be fooled. Lindsay's kind of an anxious Annie. Take her appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night. What she had to say didn't exactly make anyone feel confident about her upcoming performance.

She admitted to Jimmy that she practically begged SNL head-honcho Lorne Michaels to let her host, that she wore him down after a series of harassing phone calls. I mean, yikes. That's not good. Then when she started asking Jimmy for help, things got even more uncomfortable.


Lindsay out of nowhere just asked him to stop by the show tomorrow and do a sketch. Jimmy looked slightly stunned, but had to agree, because like, what else is he going to say. If Linds is asking for Jimmy's help, what does that say about her security in tomorrow night's show? Is the current cast not enough? Are her skits lame?

The waft of desperation that is coming from studio 8H is starting to permeate my apartment all the way downtown -- Lindsay is really stinking up the place with her begs here and her pleeeease oh pretty pleeeeases there. It's making me nervous for her. Hope she pulls it together for in time for current call.

Watch Lindsay Lohan talk to Jimmy Fallon about what it took to get the SNL hosting gig:

How do you think Lindsay will do tomorrow?


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