'16 & Pregnant' Star May Have Stolen Pregnancy Test -- Let's Hope It Was Negative

Whitney Purvis, who starred in 16 & Pregnant during the first season, was arrested on Thursday for allegedly stealing a pregnancy test from a Wal-Mart. If you can think of a more depressing arrest, then you know more crazy people than I do. According to cops, she used the test in the store.

This is not the first time Purvis, who was probably most well known for being pregnant at the same time as her mom on the show, has had a run-in with the law. Last year, her mother was arrested for possession of marijuana and meth.

Police say the 20-year-old MTV star took a First Response pregnancy test, put it in a hooded jacket, and used it there. Then she tried to sneak out the door. Memo to self: If I ever have to steal a pregnancy test, I probably can't afford a baby. Just a thought.


Seriously, though, this is just so sad. MTV can really pick them, can't they? And how is it that someone who is so clearly irresponsible can get pregnant and so many who want desperately to have children cannot? How is that fair?

The fact is, stealing a pregnancy test is kind of a new low and says an awful lot about the dire situation a girl is in if she needs to do that. She is in NO position to have another baby. It doesn't say what the test results were anywhere in the story, but I am going to be hopeful they are negative.

The fact is, pregnancy tests are expensive, but if $13 leads you to shoplift, then you are in no position to buy baby clothes and cribs and rocking chairs and bottles and diapers and all the things that make a baby so expensive.

If there is a more depressing item to be stealing, it's hard to think of. This is heartbreaking and let's hope for all involved that the result was a single line on that stolen test.

Do you think she should be having a baby?

Image via MTV
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