Major 'Walking Dead' Spoiler Accidentally Leaked!

walking deadUh-oh. Heads are gonna roll over at The Walking Dead (more heads than usual, that is). And if you happened to do any online shopping at the AMC website store this week, you might know why: An ad hawking the release of The Walking Dead Season 2 on Blu-ray went just a little bit overboard with the descriptive copy ... meaning the ad revealed a huge shocker from an upcoming episode. Huge! Like, major character huge. Cliffhanger huge. Game changer huge!

Probably career-breaker huge too, for the careless (vindictive? confused? insane? ) employee who spilled the beans.

Bet you want to know what the big secret is, don't you? Okay, but I'm going to have to do the usual SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! alert thing first. (And no fair being mad at me afterwards if you do peek!)

So, here we go ... spoiler, spoiler, spoiler ...


Among the features mentioned in the Blu-ray release blurb (extended zombie gut scene! Making of the barn!) is the following gem:

"Shane's last episode."

Wait a minute, what?!

But ... but ... Shane's not dead!!

Well ... Shane's not dead yet, how's that? But he's apparently fading fast, if one of the three episodes left this season is set to serve as the character's swan song.

Knowing kind of sucks, right? At least we don't know how Shane dies yet. Will Lori finally whip Rick into a jealous-enough frenzy to do the deed? Will a walker take him out?

Most importantly, will Shane take Lori with him? (Please, please!)

Guess we'll find out soon enough ...

Did this Walking Dead spoiler shock you or did you see it coming?


Image via AMC

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