Justin Bieber Greeting Cards -- Because Bieber Fever Is a Special Occasion

justin bieber greeting cardsGreeting cards are so hot right now you guys. First the whole Whitney Houston card debacle, and now Justin Bieber's getting involved. The newly crowned adult (he turned 18 yesterday -- they grow up so fast) decided to celebrate the big 1-8 with some sexy, happening, oh so awesome greeting cards. Not just any greeting cards, but Hallmark ones with his very own face on them. That's right, the Biebs went and got himself his own line of folded pieces of thick-stock paper with sentimental sayings on them. Oh, baby.

And his line of cards is extra special because they'll have flashing lights! And play songs! And have collectible bits! And pop-ups! And moving parts! His set of four-dozen cards will be sure to melt hearts, and probably cause a few seizures, all across the nation. Perfect for any occasion.


Naturally, some die-hard Beliebers are freaking out. I think one commenter on the Internet said it best when she wrote: "love itt!!! am so gonna buy this for my friends bdayz." Like, yes. Exactly. But lest you think they're just birthday cards, Hallmark wants you to know that they're also perfect for just saying "way to go, girl!" or "hello!"

Bieber isn't the first teen star to get his own line of greeting cards; Taylor Swift has a line for American Greeting. I suppose there's a demand for $4.50 pieces of paper with young stars on them, so more power to Justin and his savvy business managers for slapping his likeness on any and everything.

Because now that he's 18, it's only a matter of time until he's 30, which is like 90 in Hollywood years. Who knows if his stardom will stand the test of time (back in my day, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys was hot shit ... now he's ... where?), so he might as well pad that bank account with as much dough as he can. And if that means selling Hallmark cards that light up like a goddamn Christmas tree, then so be it.

Would you or anyone you know be interested in receiving a Justin Bieber Hallmark card?


Photo courtesy of Hallmark

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