Engaged Amber Rose Can Kiss & Make Up With Kim Kardashian

amber rose engagement ringWasn't it just the other day that Amber Rose called Kim Kardashian a "homewrecker" and blamed her for her break-up with Kanye West? Well hang on to your scalp-tats, everyone, because Amber Rose has just gotten engaged to rapper boyfriend Wiz Khalifa! And you should see the rock she's flaunting, too. Girlfriend wasted no time flashing it via Twitter just now.

For shizzle, I think you can see that ring from Neptune. I'm blind now.

So, now that Amber Rose officially has the most gorgeous engagement ring ever posted on Instagram, can we please finally put this feud between her and Kim K to rest?


HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW, KIM? WHERE'S YOUR RING? Oh yeah, you kept it. Never mind.

No really, now. Amber is trying to put this whole business between her and Kim behind her. She even apologized in January -- she's totally over it. She forgives Kim and Kanye. And look, now she's got loooove wrapped around her ring finger. Who is the happiest woman in the world!!! right now -- Amber is, that's who.

And check out how cute Wiz is about the engagement. "She said yes!!!" he tweeted. Awww, of course she did. I would have, too, if you'd given me that rock. Dayum.

And so, Amber and Wiz ride off into the sunset, their path led by the blinding light of that four-gazillion-carat diamond ring. We wish them both many years of happiness, or at least more than 72 days. Not that anyone is competing with anyone.

What do you think of Amber Rose's engagement ring?


Image via muvarosebud/Instagram

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