9 Celebrities Who Are Secret Gamers

Katy PerryIf you're embarrassed to be a gamer, stop! Chilling on your couch with a controller in your hand isn't just for acne-ridden teenage boys these days. Celebrities are using their downtime to get their game on just like the rest of us!

It seems there are plenty of stars who have let it slip that they use video game consoles the way the rest of us do: to blow off steam, get social, lose weight, and more. Any guesses who tops the list of secret celebrity gamers? Check it out!


Law & Order SVU star Ice T has been gaming since he was a kid. These days he’s into combat multi-player games where he has his own clan. His Twitter handle is even game-inspired!

It's no mistake that singer Katy Perry has her face inside a social multi-player game these days. She was spending her money on gaming before the money came back to her in endorsements! Score!

Become a friend with benefits of Mila Kunis, and you might be able to be her partner in a popular online combat game. Ridding the world of virtual zombies with this chick at your side has got to be fun!

Wonder what Snoop Dogg does when he's not rapping? He's hooked on playing football ... from the comfort of his game room that is. Fo' schizzle!

Justin Bieber has a busy life, what with finally turning 18 and renting out major venues to romance Selena Gomez. But the Canadian-born pop star still has time for getting his game on!

When Dane Cook isn't stirring up crowds with his controversial comedy, he's blowing off steam online against other members of the gaming community.

Want a hot body like Jessica Alba? Wait, scratch that question -- of course you do! Turns out the actress and mama of the adorable Honor and Haven plays workout games to keep her in shape.

Rihanna doesn't just play in the quiet of her pad. She's been known to take on fans online.

Think Robin Williams is a gamer? Is his daughter named for a popular game series? Why yes, yes Zelda Williams is.

OK, spill it -- who would you want to take on in a video game challenge?


Image via LunchboxLP/Flickr

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