Bethenny Frankel Novel With Bethenny Frankel Naked Photo Is Bethenny Frankel Overkill

bethenny frankelI was watching Access Hollywood last night and I almost dropped the bowl of my self-loathing mac and cheese when I heard Bethenny Frankel admit to Billy Bush and his cute co-host who used to be on Road Rules that she's "over herself." I just couldn't believe it. Bethenny, who has a reality show, a talk show, a billion bottles of sugary non-sugar boozes to her name, a clothing line, a cleansing line, an underwear line, a skincare line, not to mention the thousands of books, DVDs, and speaking appearances, is "over herself"? Well, Beth? That makes two of us.

But we who are over her shouldn't get our hopes up -- Bethenny's novel is coming out May 1. NOVEL.


It's called Skinnydipping (oh, lord) and Bethenny just released a sneak peek at the cover (above). The woman, who is, let me remind you again, over herself, has chosen a lovely topless photo of herself for said cover. It looks to be the same image from her PETA "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign with some extra Photoshopped hair and New York City nighttime skyline.

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Assuming that Bethenny took the route that all celebs do and had a ghostwriter pen this piece of work, I kind of wonder why she would allow more of herself into the market that's already flooded with Bethenny-this and Skinnygirl-that. It's not like she wrote the darn thing and just had to share it with us. I thought her self-help books made sense within her brand -- but a novel just seems like self-indulgent overkill.

So get ready, folks. I'm sure her "Skinnydipping" media blitz is just around the corner. It's only a matter of time until she'll bring it up on her reality show, or her talk show, or any other opportunity she gets. Even though she's "over herself," the book, despite having her photo and brand name on it, won't sell itself, after all.

Are you interested in reading Bethenny's novel?


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