Kim Kardashian & NeNe Leakes: New BFF Alert!

Kim KardashianHere's a surprising hot new celebrity friendship in the making: Kim Kardashian and NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They were seen together out on the town in Atlanta last night, and it was a mutual love fest.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, they had dinner at a fancy steakhouse Wednesday night while Kim was in town filming Drop Dead Diva! The two were spotted laughing and having a grand old time. They even ordered the exact same meal -- tuna tartare with salad and orders of the Shrimp Rice Krispies. All the while they were tweeting their adoration for one another.


“Just wrapped my first day on set in Atlanta shooting ‘Drop Dead Diva!’ Getting ready for dinner with my favorite housewife,” Kim tweeted.

Later NeNe took to Twitter and wrote: "At dinner with my favorite Dash Doll Kim Kardashian; she is so sweet." 

Kim then responded: “I’m still laughing out loud! Too much fun!” 

I wonder if Marlo Hampton is jealous? You know Kim Zolciak is.

While they may seem like an odd match at first, they actually have quite a few things in common. For example:

Both are going through divorce. Kim, of course, is dealing with the breakup of her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries, and while NeNe isn't officially divorced yet, she and her husband Gregg have been split for some time. Maybe they could hit the singles' club and go on double dates?

Both have drawn the wrath of former fans. Kim's "sham" of a wedding was a pretty blatant way to piss people off left and right. NeNe, who was once loved the world over, has earned her disdain more subtly by getting too big for her britches. Together they can commiserate and plot their comebacks ... though neither of them has ever really gone away.

Both are trying to take over the world. Kim has her fingers in pretty much every business there is from fitness shoes to clothing at Sears. NeNe is trying to do the same with her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, restaurant ventures, and more.

Together, who knows what they could do. Kim and NeNe Take Atlanta, as the paper suggested? A "donkey booty" fashion line? The possibilities are endless ... and a little frightening. Watch out world.

Do you think Kim and NeNe's friendship will last? What -- if anything -- would you like to see them do together? Besides disappear.

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