Britney Spears' Wedding Postponed by a Disturbing Lawsuit

britney spearsJust when you thought it might be safe to say Britney Spears was about to start leading a normal (well, as normal as it can be as a pop star) life -- as wife to longtime love Jason Trawick, mama to her two adorable boys, hitmaker, perhaps X Factor judge -- along comes a creepy reminder of her darkest days. Remember Sam Lufti, the guy who called himself her manager when she was at the lowest of her low? He refuses to go silently into the night and has been suing Britney for breach of contract and her folks, Jamie and Lynn Spears, for libel and defamation since 2009.

While it sounds like B's lawyers are doing a bang-up job -- cleaning up the mess while keeping her from being deposed in the trial -- there's one hitch: It looks like the trial is going to delay Britney and Jason's wedding.


Reportedly, the trial date is set for September 11, 2012. She could get married before then, but then she'd be attempting to get married under her conservatorship, and a judge would have to sign off on it. And if that were to happen, Lufti's lawyers would cry foul and say she should be able to be deposed. Ugh. Poor Brit!

My heart really goes out to her having to battle this nasty remnant from her past, even as she tries to move on and enjoy her new life. We all want to see her happy and healthy, and surely, this Lufti debacle isn't doing her any favors.

Thankfully, a "source" says she's perfectly happy being engaged for now and getting married later in the year. When it does, the wedding will probably take place in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, and it sounds really low-key, low-stress. Thank goodness, because the last thing Britney needs is more drama. Here's hoping her legal team can close the book on this disaster of a chapter in her life ASAP!

Are you rooting for Britney?


Image via John Salangsang/LEP/Splash News

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