'Exorcism Squad' Girls Want to Be the Kardashians of Demon-Busting (VIDEO)

teen exorcistsDoes your teen have the occasional mood swings? Complain of headaches from time to time? Uh-oh. I don't want to alarm you or anything, but ... well ... you better take a good look at her eyes. Because according to 17-year-old professional exorcist Tess, it's when you look in someone's eyes that "you can see the evil."

And Tess should know. She performed her first exorcism on a 15-year-old pal at a sleepover. Silly girl had no idea those "splitting headaches" she was getting "for no reason" were really a symptom of demonic possession! Thank the good lord above she just happened to be having a slumber party with the famed Teen Exorcist Squad!

I wish I could tell you I was making this up, but alas, there really is a "teen exorcist squad."


They even went on The Anderson Cooper Show earlier this week, along with the Reverend Bob Larsen, the Texas preacher who claims to have cast out over 15,000 demons over the course of his career. Larsen's daughter, 17-year-old Brynne, is kind of the squad's star player. Like, if Destiny's Child was a trio of exorcists, Brynne would totally be the Beyonce of the group.

Daddy's been grooming her to take over the demon-busting business since Brynne was just 13 years old, after all! Not that she'll ever stop working on her skills -- along with Tess and 20-year-old Savannah, Brynne "trains" for "hours" every week.

Heard enough of this nonsense? Let's just cut to the chase, then. There are a few possible explanations for how this madness all came to be, and I don't like any of them. Either:

1. Bob Larsen is a serious nut job who actually believes what he's doing is real and has brainwashed these girls accordingly.

2. Bob Larsen is a serious con artist who has brainwashed these girls in the hopes of making truckloads of cash by turning them into the demon-slaying equivalent of the Kardashians.

3. Bob Larsen is a serious con artist who convinced these girls to play along with his plan to make truckloads of cash by turning them into the demon-slaying equivalent of the Kardashians.

Hopefully the last of those three options comes closest to the mark. Better for the girls to be willingly taking part in Larsen's scam than to be actually buying into this bullshit. Better for Larsen to be teaching his kid how to be a crook than to be taking advantage of her innocence and trust.

The whole thing gives me a splitting headache (uh-oh!).

This clip is truly a must-see, however, if for nothing else besides the look of horrified disbelief on Anderson Cooper's face.

Do you think these "teen exorcists" believe what they're doing is real?

Image via Anderson/YouTube

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