Biggest Star Secrets Straight From the Oscars Red Carpet

oscars red carpet secrets
NOT the most interesting red carpet event
Reflecting on the red carpet the morning after, I'm realizing all of the super interesting things I got to see that you don't actually know about when you're watching the Oscars from your couch. Yes, the red carpet is actually red, but it is quite small. There are three aisles -- one for the big stars to travel along in front of all of the cameras; one for the big stars to sprint down in case they're late or hate having their picture taken; and one for the working class Oscar attendees.

It's fascinating, but of course nothing is as fascinating as seeing the biggest Hollywood stars in person, and getting a glimpse of what they are like in the flesh. So I'm here to share these fun facts with you: Celebrity secrets straight from the Oscars to your star-struck eyes.


The First Star to Arrive to the Oscars -- James Cromwell, in support of The Artist. Along with his adorable wife.

Star That Lingered Longest on the Red Carpet  -- Penelope Ann Miller, also of The Artist. Penelope, perhaps, had not been in the spotlight for a long time and was taking full advantage by getting her photo taken all over the place.

Last to Arrive, and How -- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Just as everyone was about to pack it in, the Hollywood royalty arrived. Needless to say, everyone waited. (Pitt's parents were in attendance as well, and Angelina was doting. Yes, that Angelina.)

Most Stunning in Person -- Angelina, hands down. I was so stunned when she walked in front of me, I found myself holding my breath. And I kind of wanted to hate her. Couldn't.

Oddest Red Carpet Couple -- Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams. We all know they're BFFs and love to travel together, and let's face it -- they're totally cute. But I'd almost love to see Michelle taking the spotlight without another celebrity by her side. Maybe bring Matilda next time?

Most Fan-Friendly -- The stars that came over to greet the fans and even seemed to enjoy it were some of the biggest. George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Segel, Melissa McCarthy (and all the Bridesmaids stars), Bret McKenzie, and Steven Spielberg all waved to the bleachers and seemed to enjoy the fans more than the press.

Stars Who Ran By Before Anyone Could Get Their Attention -- Tina Fey and Natalie Portman clearly had someplace to be, and it wasn't on the red carpet.

Most Disappointing Absence -- Ryan Gosling, of course. As we discovered the Hey, Girl star would not be in attendance, a collective sad noise went through the crowd. And my heart.

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