Behind the Scenes at the Oscars (PHOTOS)

behind the scenes oscarWhew! Well, that was certainly exciting. I just got home and kicked off my tiny heels and pulled off the Spanx so I could report to you what exactly goes on at the Oscars red carpet. Sure you've seen the dresses, Sacha Baron Cohen's big stunt, but do you know which stars get the biggest reaction when they arrive? And which ones people had trouble even recognizing?

Well, I'm here to tell you all of this, and more! Here are five fascinating things about what goes on behind the scenes at the Academy Awards.


1. Not That Many Actors Are at the Oscars

While the red carpet seems quite crowded (and it is), the Academy Awards are actually restricted. You've got the nominees, the presenters, and a few lifers who are always welcome. But most of Hollywood comes out once the red carpet has been rolled up, and the after-parties begin. Those other people you're seeing are all the behind-the-scenes types, making everything run and making the stars look good. Which makes it difficult to identify new gals like Rooney Mara or even old friends like Penelope Ann Miller.

behind the scenes oscar2. The Cast of Bridesmaids Are as Awesome as You Think

When you're in the bleachers versus Extra correspondent Mario Lopez, it's easy to breeze right by if you're looking for a little publicity. But all of the ladies who starred in Bridesmaids stopped to say "hi" to the fans in the bleachers and give us a wave. And they were all impeccably dressed and adorable. I'm pretty sure we're all going out for drinks later this week. 

behind the scenes oscar3. So Is George Clooney

Sigh. You want to find something bad to say about this guy, but as he's high-fiving everyone in the bleachers, you realize there's a reason we're all in love with him.

4. Security Is Tight

You can't even get near the Red Carpet unless you go through a criminal background check. That's right, no stalkers, serial killers, or other ne'er do wells allowed. I have no idea how I wound up here. Or Robert Downey Jr., for that matter.

5. It's 'Effing Loud

Between the lady behind you screaming for Sandra Bullock to turn and wave to the hundreds of people chattering about how everyone looks, you can barely hear yourself think. You can, however, hear yourself screaming for Brad Pitt to turn and look at you, despite yourself.

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