Was Brooke Mueller Really Going to Deal Cocaine? (VIDEO)

brooke muellerYesterday Brooke Mueller was formally charged with felony possession of Cocaine stemming from her arrest back in December. As you may remember, she got a little too wild at a Colorado nightclub, possibly got into a girl fight, and then the cops found some white powdery stuff ... to make matters worse she apparently had a little too much of the white stuff. So Brooke was also charged with the intent to distribute. Intent to distribute! Really? Can we get a collective: Oh, come on.

Charlie Sheen defended his ex immediately after her arrest. Admit it, you expected no less, right? Charlie is nothing, if not an stand up guy and eloquent speaker. And how could you argue with his reasoning when he told TMZ:

With the child support I give her ... she's gonna deal drugs? Never gonna happen."

Ha! What a guy.


This distribution charge could have been avoided if Brooke had just measured better ... that extra gram of cocaine she was allegedly caught with seriously changes her potential jail time. If convicted she is now looking at a max of six years, instead of a max of 18 months for mere possession.

It's kind of like getting a speeding ticket in a 25 mile zone. If you get caught going 49 miles an hour it is only three points on your license and you aren't considered a reckless driver ... but get caught going 50 in that 25 and all of a sudden you are trying to kill someone.

Okay, maybe I shouldn't compare a mom with a bag of cocaine to speeding (though they can both be dangerous.) My point is, the extra charge of distribution is ridiculous.

Besides, why the charges matter at all is beyond me since she will likely just get probabtion anyhow.

Reports say she is going to rehab for nine months. Hopefully she gets her act together because the whole situation just makes me sad ... for her kids. They are the ones that end up suffering the most.


Do you think the distribution charge is ridiculous?

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