Ray J's X-Rated Kim Kardashian Details Can't Hurt Her

kim kardashianRay J's been in and out of the news for years -- for being Brandy's bro, Whitney Houston's platonic or not-so-platonic pal, and most notoriously, for being "the guy in the sex tape" with Kim Kardashian. But now, it seems like he's getting a major moment in the sun. Probably because he's got a juicy new book, entitled Death of the Cheating Man, which purports to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about his relationship with Kim.

Being that the former couple's 2003 viral video is still drumming up tons of traffic, are we at all surprised that what Ray J has to say about his ex is sexually-charged (to say the least)? The book reveals more than just a few explicit details about their "wild" sex life together ...


Specifically, he calls the sex "bananas" and "buck wild," writing, "We were like animals; sexually free to try anything and we did." Apparently, the first 30 days with Kim put him "in a trance," and "the wilder the sex, the more my feelings got stronger.” He says she was a "straight freak who was down to do whatever, whenever, and ... she seriously hypnotized me. There are certain things that a woman can do to hypnotize a man, and Kim knew them all."

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As if that weren't enough, he gets into the nitty-gritty of their intimate life:

There was always a panty show for me to see which pair of panties I wanted her to wear, just before we’d go out. And that was the regular. ... We would get sexual at any time and then she would do certain things that most women just don't seem to do. ... She had a very special way of waking me up in the morning.

Oh boy! We get it, Ray J, yeeesh! Even if she's not the most beloved woman on the planet these days, you can understand why Kim has gotten some sympathy for her ex's blabbing. But do we really need to feel bad for her? I don't think so.

First of all, the sex tape made Kim $65 mil. (as of last year) and thrust her into the national spotlight in a huge way. So I can't really see how the details surrounding that time in her life (which is all these are) could hurt her or damage her reputation. It's not like we didn't already know she had a, err, colorful sex life with the guy!

Furthermore, as far as we can tell, nothing Ray J wrote really paints Kim in a negative light. To the contrary, it's a rave review that makes her seem like a woman who is very confident and comfortable in her sexuality. What's wrong with that, and why should she be ashamed of that?

I could understand how it might be a little embarrassing personally to have this old news drudged up and splayed across tabloid covers, but whether she likes it or not, that's been an everyday occurrence for Kim. I'm pretty sure she can -- and has -- handled much, much worse.

Does Ray J's tell-all make you feel bad for Kim?


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