'Act of Valor' Reviews From Real Military Moms (VIDEO)

Act of Valor
Today, Act of Valor hits theaters nationwide. Directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh, the movie follows a group of real active-duty U.S. Navy SEALs in a fictionalized mission to recover a kidnapped CIA operative. It's got all the makings of a big bad Hollywood smash. You know, a high intensity story line, big explosives happening all over the place, jaw-dropping suspense, you name it.

The Act of Valor reviews say that we "don't get to know the characters [in the movie] as individuals" and that it plays like "a pumped-up recruitment commercial deemed to fit for feature length and multiplex viewing." What I'm more concerned with, though, is what real military families have to say about the big screen action.

Thinking about going to see Act of Valor this weekend? Then see what real military moms have to say about the flick:


Throughout CafeMom, loads of members have been speaking out about Act of Valor. Some are military spouses, others are sisters and daughters of men who have served in the U.S. armed forces.

From what I gather, there are two camps. The first consists of those who think the movie is absolutely awful. Some of these women believe that "it is wrong" and that this is "pure propaganda." The other camp, the supporters of Act of Valor, think the film looks "neat," "interesting," and would be an educational experience for their kids. It seems that everyone is at least interested to hear more about the movie, but aren't exactly sure it's the best idea.

Personally, I'm with the no-gos. Believe me, I'm a huge advocate for men and women in uniform. Since I started dating my boyfriend, a Staff Sergeant in the Army, I've learned so much about what it is they do and all the hard work that goes into protecting our country. With that said, I firmly believe there's a reason we don't know everything, and that Hollywood should stick to using actors in their military-based movies rather than real soldiers, even if they are volunteers.

While Act of Valor is meant to depict the high-intensity nature of military combat, something tells me it may fall short at the box office. I suppose I'll just have to see it myself, alongside my true-life military hero, to find out.

Take a look at the Act of Valor trailer, here:

Are you planning on seeing Act or Valor? What do you think about the use of real active duty Navy SEALs?


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