Was Adele's Acceptance Speech Cut Off Because She's a Woman?

adele getting cut offEarlier this week we watched in horror and frustration as Adele's acceptance speech was cut short by James Cordon during the Brit Awards in London. Not one to take something that annoying lying down, Adele fired off what most of us believe to be an appropriate response (her middle finger) and made headlines for the controversial gesture. Now fellow British singer Lily Allen is speaking out about the incident. She had some rather feisty words for what happened on stage that night ...


Here's what Lily Allen tweeted after Adele's speech was cut off:

I'd rather hear adeles acceptance speech ... I can't say I'm surprised [it was cut off]. It was like the music industry's attitude to women played out as a metaphor.

Ouch. That couldn't have been an easy pill for music execs to swallow, especially coming from the mouth (er, fingers?) of someone as beloved and respected in the music industry as Lily Allen. It's nice to see Allen bravely go to bat for her talented British sister with such a bold and powerful declaration. The music industry -- like many industries -- has a long history of gender imbalance, particularly across certain genres. It's getting better, of course, but obviously if Allen is having such a strong reaction, it still has further to go. How frustrating for her (and Adele) to feel like their contributions are not valued as much as men's.

But just to play devil's advocate for a minute: Allen's statement might not be 100 percent fair. Dave Groll from the Foo Fighters was cut off during his acceptance speech at the Grammys a few weeks back (much to my dismay!) rather than gender discrimination, this might just be a case of producers running out of time.

Still, I respect Lily Allen immensely and believe there's at least some truth to what she said. After all, who would know better how women in the music industry are treated than an actual woman in the music industry? Maybe this was her way of cluing us into what really goes on behind the scenes.

Do you think Adele was cut off because she's a woman?


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