Britney Spears Could Save 'The X Factor'

britney spears in concertChristina Aguilera is in her second season as a judge on The Voice, and Jessica Simpson will soon be making her debut as a judge on Fashion Star, so it only makes sense now for Simon Cowell to take Britney Spears under his wing and make her the next X Factor judge. With Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger now fired from the flailing show, a source close to Spears says she has reached out to join the judges' panel. Cowell, in the meantime, is playing coy, saying he's "flattered that there could be interest," but other than that, he "couldn't comment on it."

If the man has the ability to make it happen, he must. Not only would it mean that the ultimate trifecta of early '00s pop princesses would have all morphed into reality talent show judges (which seems to make a lot of sense for some reason), but I'm convinced it would be the beginning of something promising for both Brit and The X Factor!

The fact is ... these two need one another.


Britney has been doing fine, making hits, touring, getting engaged, sure -- all seems less wackoville in Spears-Trawick Land these days. But getting a steady gig would probably be the icing on the cake -- not only for her mental well-being, but it would also give her the opportunity to hang in L.A., plan her wedding, spend time with her boys, etc. I can definitely see why Brit wants the job. It would serve her well.

Similarly, Cowell needs Brit. Who is watching The X Factor anyway? If we can conclude anything from the recent firings, the show has had major problems engaging a loyal audience. Britney fans are certainly loyal, and aside from that, even people who don't adore her will be curious to see how she fares. Will she be spacey and out-to-lunch a la American Idol era Paula? Or will she be quirky, cute, offer the show a dose of that Southern charm we all fell for circa "... Baby One More Time"? Either way, it'll be entertaining to watch. Much more so than that first season snooze-fest!

Move over, Ari Gold! I was born to be a Hollywood yente. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who can see -- it's plain as day that Britney Spears and Simon Cowell belong together.

Do you think Britney should be the next X Factor judge?


Image via petercruise/Flickr

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