Zac Efron Sure Acted Like He Dropped a Condom on the Red Carpet (VIDEO)

zac efron condomIt appears that the adorable Zac Efron did something not so adorable at The Lorax premiere this week. It appears he dropped a condom onto the red carpet. As we speak, there's a video making it's way 'round the Internet that appears to show Efron handing his publicist a bunch of crap from his pockets and a lone, gold condom falling to the floor. Efron, looking embarrassed as hell, quickly snatches up the item in question and heads over to have his picture taken.

It's amazing. I'm serious. Check it out. Now. Whatever you're doing can wait.


The video's fuzzy, but when you look at the slo-mo version -- and particularly the pause -- it really does look like a condom. And Zac's reaction afterwards is sort of telling. I mean, I can't think of anything else it could be. A Golden ticket? A flattened Rocher candy? An empty Twix wrapper? Nothing quite matches up.

Now, it's great that Zac is practicing safe sex -- he's totally a role model and all -- but do dudes usually keep condoms in their pockets loose like that? I honestly want to know. I've been with the same guy for a while, so I'm not really up on the condom storage scene. From what I remember, though, condoms are typically something kept inside the wallet. So something like this doesn't happen.

I doubt we'll find ever hear for sure that this was in fact a condom from Efron's golden collection. So I guess we'll just have to go on believing it is. Which works just fine for me.

(Seriously, though, dude, if you're rich enough to afford golden prophylactics, invest in a wallet for God's sake.)

Do you think this is a condom? Do you hope it is?


Image via BeyondAFantasy/YouTube

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