Lea Michele & Cory Monteith Make Our Finchel Dreams a Reality

lea michele and Cory Monteith on red carpet at Golden Globes AfterpartyIt's not every day you find out your favorite on-screen couple has fallen for one another in real life! But today, I was elated to learn from Life & Style that Glee lovebirds Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are (probably) finally, actually dating. Wahoo!

L&S reports that multiple eyewitnesses saw Lea and Cory "getting cozy" on Valentine's Day during a romantic date at Il Covo in L.A. Apparently, Lea was "very happy, flirting and touching Cory a lot. He just stared at her with puppy-dog eyes" and fed Lea spaghetti. A Glee crew member admitted that "Cory is totally into her."

I'm pretty sure neither of them practices method acting (you know, where actors become their role 24/7/365), so we can likely safely assume that all this mushy canoodling has nothing to do with rehearsing as their fictional teen counterparts Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson (aka "Finchel"). Well, almost nothing.


Of course, we have to attribute this blossoming romance to their jobs. If it wasn't for Glee, they never would have met. Aww.

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In fact, last year, Lea admitted that if romance was going to happen with anyone on set, "it would have happened with Cory." And more recently, she remarked that "As long as I get to have scenes with Cory, it makes me really happy." Too cute!

How many of us were just waiting for Lea to get with it and break up with her longtime BF Theo Stockman so "Finchel" (perhaps "Lory" would be more fitting now) could happen off-screen? I totally was. Their chemistry on the show has been so spot-on, I figured it was only a matter of time. Twi-Hards have enjoyed seeing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart romance on red carpets and around Hollywood, and now we Gleeks have our equivalent! As happy as these two seem to be, I bet they'll be even happier to know that their coupledom is thrilling their fans. It really is a Glee dream come true. No matter how their storyline plays out when Glee returns on April 10, here's to hoping the new couple enjoys 10 times as much happiness off-screen. 

Were you rooting for Lea Michele and Cory Monteith to couple up?


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