'National Enquirer' Whitney Houston Death Photo Is Sick, But We'll Buy It Anyway

The National Enquirer posted morbid photos of Whitney Houston in her coffin on the cover of their tabloid magazine. They have been excoriated by everyone from Perez Hilton to The Mirror UK and you know what? It will still sell like gangbusters. Oh yes, you there, acting all high and mighty, you will buy it.

The photo IS an invasion, there can be no doubt. The photo apparently shows deceased singer Whitney Houston who died last week at 48, wearing a purple dress and lying in her coffin. It's macabre. It's sick. And it will earn the tabloid millions of dollars.

In 1977, The Enquirer published a picture of Elvis Presley in his coffin and sold a record 6.5 million copies. So who is complaining?


The fact is, it's not illegal to post such a photo, though there is much speculation as to how they obtained it. But it feels wrong, right?

Whitney Houston was a great talent of our time, much beloved by many, and her death was a shocking tragedy. The idea that even a tabloid would exploit her death in such a manner is sick and twisted. And yet, there is demand for such photos.

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The public wants to know. We may openly decry such things and be horrified that such an invasion could even occur. But then who are the people who are buying it? Enquiring minds, indeed.

The fact is, The Enquirer feeds a salacious side of us that we all have if we admit it. There is a (huge) market for such photos. It isn't like the tabloid simply exists to do bad things and be slammed by the likes of Perez Hilton (who, by the way, has NO room to talk). They give the people what they want. Clearly. There may be shame in their game (and how), but many, many people will buy and look at the photos even while publicly shaming the tabloid.

And shame on them. It's just denial and sad to not embrace our darker urges and be honest about who we really are. We are curious, we are macabre. We know it's wrong, but we look anyway. At car accidents. At nude pictorials. And at Whitney Houston's death photos. We may peer between our fingers as we cover our eyes, but we will look.

They crossed a line and it's disgusting and wrong. But my guess is they won't stop until we stop buying it.

Do you think it was wrong to publish the photo?


Image via krossbow/Flickr

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