Robert Pattinson's Sexy 'Bel Ami' Scenes Prove He's a Real Pro (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson Christina Ricci Bel AmiThe list of Robert Pattinson's co-stars in his upcoming film Bel Ami reads like a who's who of talented, sexy women in Hollywood: Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman, and Kristin Scott Thomas all portray a lover of the leading man at some point in the film. So you kinda can't blame the guy for enjoying the cornucopia of steamy scenes he shared with the actresses. RPattz's cheeky response when asked what his favorite was: "Hmm, older women or younger women ... I get my cake and eat it too basically. They both have their good sides." Yow!

So I guess he enjoyed the experience, yes? It could be enough to make a significant other's blood boil with jealousy, but in this case, I don't think we have to worry about Rob's lady love, Kristen Stewart


KStew is in the biz, too, after all, and shouldn't feel bad about Rob's cheeky comments about the filming of Bel Ami with Ricci, Thurman, and Thomas. In fact, we can safely assume he was still very much a gentleman. The proof is in Ricci's remarks about their steamy on-screen moments. Although she noted that it was a "horror" to get intimate in front of a huge crew, she also said of Rob to Total Film:

He’s really lovely to work with, especially in those kinds of scenes, because he’s so quick to laugh at himself — and me! He’s very self deprecating, as am I. He’s always the kind of guy that you can look at and go, "Oh God, This is uncomfortable!"

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Aww, so in other words, he was a complete professional! The fact that he's giving a tip of his hat to his beautiful co-stars is just par for the Hollywood course. Any decent actor would do the same. Sounds like all in all, Rob acted the sexy part he was cast to play and pulled it off in the most upstanding way possible. Leave it to him to do just that!

Here's a newer trailer for the film:

What do you think about Rob's comments about his co-stars?


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