Kim Kardashian Eloping With Reggie Bush Is the Scariest Rumor Yet!

Kim Kardashian Reggie BushPoor Kim Kardashian just can't seem to get the whole love thing right, can she? And it's gotta be kind of tough for her to see both of her sisters happy and in love, especially when her marriage to Kris Humphries was over in 72-days. I'm sure she looks at Khloe and Kourtney and longs to be in a committed relationship as well. But as much as Kim is probably itching to find the right guy and fall in love for real this time, rushing into another marriage definitely isn't the answer.

Of course, In Touch magazine is reporting that Kim and her old-flame Reggie Bush have been secretly hooking up, and now they are planning on eloping. OMG. This has to be a rumor. (Say it isn't so, Kim)!


Wait -- it gets worse. The idea of Kim & Reggie rekindling a romance and running off into the sunset and getting hitched isn't what's most concerning about the whole story. It's the reports that Reggie is totally going all 'Kris Humphries' on her that should be setting off major alarms in her head. The absolute last thing that Kim needs is another man like Kris trying to control her.

If In Touch has their story straight, then supposedly Reggie is giving Kim an ultimatum and telling her that she has to give up her career and stay out of the public eye in order for him to take her back. Um -- hello? Is anyone else having flashbacks of Kim and Kris sitting on the roof of the Ganesvoort in NYC while she insisted that she was never moving to Minnesota with him? Because if these rumors are true, then it kinda sounds like Reggie wants the same laid-back lifestyle that Kris did. And honestly, laid-back and the Kardashians just aren't a good fit at all. Can you imagine Kim being out of the spotlight for even one second? I didn't think so.

If these rumors are true, then Kim needs to wake up and smell the coffee and realize that she is strong enough to stand on her own two feet, and doesn't need the added burden of Reggie weighing her down. I mean -- she's Kim Kardashian for crying out loud! If she can't get a man without having to change who she is, then there really isn't much hope for the rest of us.

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