Justin Theroux's Breakdancing Will Make You Fall in Love (VIDEO)

justin therouxIf you're still not sold on Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend, Justin Theroux, prepare to be this very instant. Theroux stopped by Ellen this week to talk about his upcoming movie, Wanderlust, and the conversation, much to my delight, took an interesting turn. See, Justin is a break dancer. Well, a sometimes break dancer -- but a good one at that. And girlfriend Jen, understandably, is "obsessed" with this talent of his -- so much so that she sent Justin's "breakin' shoes" on over to Ellen so he could titillate the world with his moves.

If you don't fall in love with this man just a little bit after this adorable (and impressive) display, it's quite possible you're dead inside. Check it out.


Are you sold on him? Do you heart him now? Do you think he's good enough for our precious Jen? Hell yes he is! He's cute, smart, funny (he wrote Tropic Thunder), and the S.O.B. can break it down like nobody's business. Jen's got herself a solid dude right here. I mean, I wouldn't exactly kick Brad Pitt out of bed, but I really can't see him doing something like this on national television. Or, like, anywhere.

Since he and Jen started dating, we really haven't heard much out of ol' Justin. We only see photos of him, clutching his girlfriend's hand, all leather-clad and sexy -- and don't get me wrong, that was fine for a while, but I think it was about time we saw something like this. Something where we get to see a little bit of his personality. Especially since it's so damn cute.

Do you heart Justin Theroux now?


Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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