‘Wanderlust’ Might Actually Be a Jennifer Aniston Movie Worth Seeing (VIDEO)

jennifer aniston wanderlustWanderlust comes out on Friday, and even though I'm apt to call it Paul Rudd's new movie -- I adore him, obvs -- I think I will concede on this one and admit that it's Jennifer Aniston's new movie, too. It's just that usually Jen's movies are ... how should we say ... kind of all the same? So it feels like sort of an oxymoron to say that Ms. Aniston has a "new movie" since she acts like Rachel Green in all them, but! But. Wanderlust looks different. It looks interesting. And I dare say, it looks new.

It's about a couple (Aniston and Rudd) who fall on hard times and have to move out of the city and into the country where they encounter all kinds of hippie-dippie freaks. There's LSD, there's prosthetic penises, and there's a sex scene or two. Jen went on Chelsea Lately to talk to her talk show host best friend, and naturally, some very tame conversation peppered with one-liners ensues.


Jen and Chelsea are obviously great friends in real life, so there's nothing forced or uncomfortable about their interactions. Maybe it's because of their friendship that Jen feels comfortable opening up about her experience shooting Wanderlust, which is great, because whenever Jen talks about giant penises and rearranging pubic hair, I start to listen up.

This interview gave me a new perspective on the film and makes me believe that it won't be an hour and a half of Jen playing a waitress (which she's done in Friends, Office Space, The Iron Giant, and Along Came Polly) and/or a sexy mother/single woman. This could be the movie that helps us see Jen as a funny leading lady, a really funny leading lady. Or, who knows, on the other hand, we could remember it in 18 months as that flick with Jennifer Aniston where she was in the woods? And Justin Theroux was in it, I think? And they lived in some nudist community or something?

But hey, if Paul Rudd's a star in this movie, I'll definitely see it. I've been a fan of his ever since his somewhat incestuous, statutory-rapist role in Clueless.

Watch Jen talk to Chelsea about Wanderlust:

Are you planning on seeing Wanderlust?


Photo via ChelseaLately/YouTube

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