Kourtney Kardashian's Baby Girl Is Exactly What the World Needs (VIDEO)

Kourtney KardashianPregnant Kourtney Kardashian has announced the sex of her baby -- and, much to everyone's delight, it's a girl! Woo-hoo! Pop! Pop! Pop! (That's the sound of champagne opening.) This is the announcement Kardashian fans have been waiting for since Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick announced they were expecting their second child back in November -- and let's be honest, the announcement they've been hoping for. Mason is one of the cutest babies in Hollywood, but come on, what the world really needs is a baby Kardashian girl


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The clothes; the shoes; the baby eyelash extensions. It's all going to be so adorable -- and Kourtney, Scott, Mason, and Baby Girl are going to be the perfect, cute, rich family. And, seriously, can we discuss for a minute how gaga Kris, Kim, and Kourtney are going to go? That girl is going to be so spoiled. In, you know, a cute way.

I'm sure whatever Kourtney was having would be exciting -- babies are always exciting. But I think it always makes things a little more fun when, the second time around, the sex is different from the first. It's a new experience for everybody. Things will be less routine. And, honestly, it's going to be so much fun seeing what that little girl wears.

Check out a video on Kourtney and her baby girl:

Are you excited that Kourtney is having a girl?


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