Kate Middleton Names New Dog Something Super Adorable

cocker spanielYou guys heard how Prince William and Kate Middleton did the classic "we're-almost-ready-for-kids-but-not-just-yet" move and got themselves a dog, right? You didn't? Well, they did. They recently added an adorable black cocker spaniel to their gorgeous family, and I'm all but sure it's only a matter of time before they have an oil painting of the little guy hanging on their wall next to the couch with the throw pillow with his image embroidered on it. Adorbs, right? Oh, rich people!

Anyway, thus far, details on the pup have been kept at a minimum. I.E., aside from the breed and color, we really don't know much about the royal doggie. Until today, that is. Finally, the most important factoid about the Canine of Cambridge has been released ... his name!


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This morning, the palace confirmed that the newest addition to the Duke and Duchess's family is named Lupo, which is the Latin word meaning "little wolf." I mean, seriously, can this couple get any more g.d. cute? Lupo? I love that name!

And I love that it's kind of an unexpected name. Yeah, naming your pet the Latin word of anything is a little bit pretentious, but I totally would have guessed their dog's name to be something super, I don't know, austere, and kind of English sounding; something like Duke or Rider or Clyde. I never would have guessed Lupo. But I whole-heartedly approve, so I'm sure that's a big relief for Wills and Kate.

In an obnoxious move, though, some yahoo has already snatched up the Twitter handle @LupoCambridge. 'Cause, you know, that dog is going to have a lot of hilarious things to say. Will I follow him? Probably. I mean, come on, it's Lupo!

Do you like the name Lupo for a cute, little doggie?


Image via dodsport/Flickr

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