Kourtney Kardashian's Pregnancy Craving May Have a Hidden Meaning

Kourtney Kardashian totally sounds like she's got some major pregnancy cravings going on, and she isn't afraid to give into them one bit. Not that I can say that I blame her. I mean -- pregnancy is the one time in your life when you can really indulge in cravings and not worry about the number on the scale the next morning, right?

And as far as Kourtney's food cravings go, her sister Khloe recently said that she's got a hankering for things that are a bit on the spicy side, like queso dip. Mmm. I'm not even expecting and I could go for some queso dip right about now, so I can only imagine how appealing it must sound to a pregnant gal.

But all deliciousness aside, the fact that Kourtney is craving spicy foods might actually have a hidden meaning behind it.


Believe it or not, there is a chance that her craving may give an indication of whether or not she's expecting a boy or a girl. Of course, it all depends on what part of the dip she was actually craving.

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Supposedly craving dairy foods could mean that Kourtney is having a girl, since women who are expecting girls tend to enjoy milk products and sweets. But on the other hand, women who have cravings for all things spicy have been known to be carrying boys. So, which aspect of that dip was Kourtney actually craving -- and does her craving have anything to do with the sex of her baby?

There is also a chance that Kourtney was craving the dip because her body is missing a certain nutrient, like calcium, which is obviously found in cheese. By this same theory, someone who is craving meat likely lacks protein, while someone who is craving sweets probably needs a bunch of extra calories. Of course, women who crave non-food items such as dirt fit into this category too. Supposedly having an iron deficiency can make you want to eat some pretty wacky stuff. (Yuck!)

Whatever the reason for Kourtney's queso craving, she's smart to just go ahead and indulge and not worry about it. She might as well enjoy chowing down on cheese dip while she can, right?

Are you craving any specific foods during your pregnancy?


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