Bethenny Frankel Makes It Impossible to Love Her

bethenny frankelAs a long time fan of Bethenny Frankel, I couldn't have been more excited for the season premiere of her show, Bethenny Ever After, last night. I've been watching the show since its debut (then called Bethenny Getting Married), and it's such a welcome change from all the other crap I watch on Bravo. Even my husband can sit through it with me.

Like most of Bethenny's fans, I've always considered her to be "real," to be unlike the rest of the obnoxious, ersatz Housewives. And she's always seemed to be super appreciative and grateful of everything she has. Seemed being the operative word, though, here. Chalk it up to editing if you want, but after last night's episode, I feel like I don't even know Bethenny anymore


Seriously, guys, was it just me, or did Bethenny seem really obnoxious on the show? I get that she's not exactly known for her charm and grace, but typically, she's really lovable. I so didn't get that from her in last night's episode. She seemed more demanding than usual, more short-fused, and totally not appreciative of anything -- including her ridiculously nice new pad or super flexible and supportive husband, Jason. I'm kind of upset.

Also, I feel like she talked about herself non-stop. I mean, I get that it's the Bethenny show and all, and I want to know more about her, but every scene was her eating lunch with someone or getting her hair and makeup done -- complaining! She complained about how everybody thinks Jason is so nice (when, apparently, according to her, he kind of sucks); she complained about how her rad TriBeCa apartment is too small for her; she complained about the closet in her newer, radder apartment; she complained about people suing her (which, okay, understandable). It didn't stop. As I sat in my 800-square-foot apartment eating almond butter by the spoonful, it made it awfully hard to like her -- and completely impossible to relate to her.

I get that it's Bethenny's life, so the "issues" and whatnot are important to her, but dude, she really needs to reign it in a bit if she wants to keep all her fans. I kind of feel like she's having a hard time dealing with fame and/or fortune or something. In some ways, it's almost like she doesn't want it. When I think about how she was on her final season of RHONY, when she and Jason just started dating, she seemed so much happier and lighter. She was much more fun to watch. Now? I sort of get the impression that she's not happy. And, if that's the case, that sucks. But I'm finding it really hard to feel bad for her when she has everything she (and most people) has ever wanted. 

Did you watch Bethenny last night? Did you think she was different?


Image via Bravo

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