Aretha Franklin Shouldn't Be Judged for Missing Whitney Houston's Funeral

Aretha FranklinYesterday Aretha Franklin was supposed to perform at Whitney Houston's funeral, but cancelled at the last minute because of leg spasms she was experiencing. She said she'd been having problems with them for days, and needed to stay off of her feet as much as possible. That all sounded like a legit reason for the Queen of Soul to miss the funeral of her goddaughter ... until later that evening when she went on with her concert as planned at Radio City Music Hall.

This move has people outraged with cries of how dare she? and similar judgemental nonsense. TMZ is running a poll that asks readers which event Aretha should have cancelled  -- the funeral or the concert -- and currently more than 76 percent say she should have cancelled her concert. The comments are harsh.


"What a heartless witch!" said one reader, who questioned why she couldn't have gone in a wheelchair. "Aretha, showed lack of class to the Houston family...its (sic) called RESPECT to attend a funeral of a loved one!! A paid gig at Radio City is more important, I don't think so," said another. There are also plenty of cries of "I knew she was going to do that!"

As appearances go, it admittedly wasn't the most flattering choice Franklin could have made. But really, it's none of our business when it comes to such a personal matter. Franklin has had plenty of medical problems over the years, and who are we to say how she should take care of her health. Furthermore, people grieve differently. Maybe as the funeral drew near, she realized she just couldn't get up there and sing for her friend; or maybe she knew Whitney would understand and perhaps that she would want her to go on with the show above all things.

At the concert she did pay special tribute to Whitney. According to the Washington Post, she sang “I Will Always Love You” in "a light, gospel reverie," and said, “She was a very fine young lady ... one of the best, greatest singers.” And: “She was giving, gave so much of herself. God bless you, Nippy. We’ll always remember.”

Only Aretha knows why she made the decision she did, and she's the one that has to live with it. As long as she's okay with it, then we should be too.

Do you think it was in poor taste for Aretha Franklin to cancel her performance at Whitney Houston's funeral but still perform her concert that night?

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